Dual Processor Motherboard

At Taknet, we can offer you a large collection of dual processor motherboards to enhance your networking needs and the overall IT infrastructure. We have the latest in high-speed, exceptionally functional and integrated dual processor motherboard to help significantly expand the durability of the product as well as to offer you the power and operational efficiency of taking care of complex networking and computational workloads. We have all the latest models including DP Xeon Socket R3 LGA 2011, the DP-Motherboard X10DRC-LN4, the DP X10DRL, X10DRL-CT, X10DRI-T4, and various other models. We can offer you a combination of some of the best motherboards to design a high performance workstation for your IT infrastructure.

The benefits of a dual processor motherboard are incredible. For example, imagine single processor that is clocked at 4.0 GHz, which is running at 100% processing usage. Not imagine having 2 processors that are clocked at 2.0 GHz per component splitting 50% of processing usage. Although the total amount of programs running in both the motherboard systems are the same, dual processors on the other hand split the load, resulting in increased multitasking capabilities and a higher clock level compared to a single-processor. Dual process motherboards are optimal for multitasking, which is exactly what you need to maintain a high performance workstation.