At Taknet, we offer state-of-the-art supermicro servers to numerous corporations all over Malaysia. We are the foremost supermicro distributors in Malaysia of high-performance computer hardware and software components. Being a premier computer hardware distributor in Malaysia, we have a whole range of storage and performance components you seek such as supermicro storage servers, raid controller, dual processor motherboard and others . We collaborate with several webhosting platforms across the globe, offering them high-tech server technologies for optimal performance.

We also offer a blade server infrastructure for small and large businesses where you can safely store all company servers without having to clear up extra space. From offering supermicro products to storage server and several other components, Taknet is constantly revolutionizing computer hardware.We are not in the business of selling refurbished products. Instead, our panel of skilled experts sits with your IT managers to suggest a powerful combination of hardware that can streamline your IT infrastructure.

Having been in the industry for high performing hardware and software components, we have evolved from being a computer hardware distributor to a one-stop-solution for your entire server based IT requirements. Ever since our establishment, we have become a premier supermicro distributor organization in Malaysia trusted by our customers. We have also earned positive reputations in the industry for our exceptional services.

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Solutions for your storage and backup needs

From RAIL Systems, cloud gaming to server management, we have the solution for you.