Supermicro MicroBlade

At Taknet, we help businesses address their changing server needs over time. It is possible that your business will come to rely more on servers as you gather more data and tackle more processes. Getting the desired processing speed and bandwidth is important if you want to keep your operations on track and optimize the processes for better results. This is where investing in the SuperMicro microblade can come in and can help you in meeting your needs. The blade server offers better performance as compared to servers from the previous generations, providing a great return on investment.

Taknet offers a range of SuperMicro microblade servers, and hence you can choose from a variety of models. As we don’t compromise on quality, you can rest assured that even the low-priced models you see in our catalogue will offer the performance you expect. We are the leading distributors of SuperMicro products in Malaysia and our vast experience enables us to fully understand our clients’ needs and propose the best possible solution. You can benefit from our expertise to get the idea blade server for your business.

There are numerous benefits you can leverage from blade servers. Their footprint is small, and despite this, they offer the processing speeds you are looking for. You can easily store the server and maintenance is also considerably easier. This reduces the need for regular repairs, which can prove expensive over time. Not to mention, you don’t have to deal with cable clutter by opting for a microblade server.